Are you a resident of rural Ireland facing issues with Internet connectivity? KonnectMe can resolve the issue for you with unlimited high-speed satellite Internet. We are the best satellite Internet provider in Ireland with a portfolio of affordable plans to address all your Internet connection requirements. Our expert technicians are proficient in performing fast and effortless satellite Internet installations at rural homes.

Rely on our satellite broadband services to gain complete freedom from the difficulties of inaccessibility. Our satellite Internet does not require users to have a telephone connection as it is wireless. We set up a Wifi router and get you started with a free standard installation. You have the flexibility of choosing from our affordable plans and enjoy hassle-free Internet connectivity. We can perform installation, configure your modem, and help you get online in no time.

We harness cutting-edge satellite technology to facilitate uninterrupted connectivity to help you work, study, shop and run a business without any problem. Our satellite broadband service is a better option for residents of remote communities and rural areas in Ireland.

Satellite Internet Benefits

Opting for our satellite internet options can be quite beneficial for users in remote and rural areas.

  • High-speed connection – Satellite broadband plans we provide to our users offer up to 100 MBPS speed. Users in remote areas would have to pay a very high price if they wanted that speed through conventional wired networks. Downloading multimedia content, browsing the Internet, and doing all online tasks without speed fluctuations and connection drops is possible with our satellite plans.
  • Work from home effortlessly – The demand for high-speed Internet connectivity has gone up with more people now working from home. Our cost-effective, high-speed Internet plans are the best options if you are working from home and need round-the-clock Internet access. We make sure that your geographical location does not affect the quality of your work by providing high-speed WiFi routers.
  • Cost-effective plans – All our satellite Internet plans are budget-friendly, and we charge you the same activation fee regardless of the plan you opt for. As a leading satellite broadband provider, we are dedicated to helping rural and remote are customers stay online at low costs. You can opt for our plans starting at € 29 per month and enjoy 24×7 connectivity. Our costs are far lower than those that users would have to pay to get high-speed Internet. We also offer free installation to help you save more, and you can upgrade to a different plan based on changing requirements.  
  • Broadband without limitations – Our satellite Internet service lets you enjoy broadband Internet without any physical limitations. Users can enjoy the freedom of movement as they are connected to satellites in space instead of wires connected to a computer. With our plans, rural users can have fast Internet connection without the hassle of Internet wires and cables. Our technicians help residents of rural communities opt for high-quality unlimited Internet no matter where they are in Ireland.

Satellite Internet Provider

At KonnectMe, we are specialists of rural Internet connectivity with several decades of invaluable experience in the broadband industry. Our Eutelsat satellite plans deliver the best quality Internet at some of the most competitive rates. As a leading satellite Internet provider, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to thousands of customers in remote and rural areas. We eliminate all the usual problems related to dial-up or fibre Internet, as many communities cannot access such services. Our services give you a better and less expensive alternative that has been made possible through advances in satellite broadband technology.

Each of our plans is designed to deliver a favorable experience to customers. Relying on our services will help you combat issues such as slow Internet, slow page loading and connection interruptions. We are always also available to address all your queries and troubleshoot any issues that may crop up. We can help you out if you have been struggling with poor connection issues that ruin your productivity and stop you from getting things done.