Avail the Best Satellite Internet Plans

KonnectMe is on an ongoing mission to make high-quality, high-speed satellite Internet available in every corner of Ireland. We provide some of the best satellite Internet plans you will get anywhere across the nation. With decades of experience as a connectivity service provider, we specialize in offering uninterrupted Internet to homes in rural and remote areas at highly affordable rates. We work with providers offering fixed lines and wireless connectivity in order to serve our customers better.

You can instantly opt for our Eutelsat Konnect Satellite Broadband powered services and enjoy flawless round the clock connectivity. Study, work and play on the Internet all day no matter where you are in Ireland. Our reliable satellite connection plans come with unlimited data usage.

We strongly believe that accessing the Internet should not be difficult or expensive for anyone, even if they live in far off and remote small communities. It is our objective to make Internet connectivity simple and accessible to small families, large households, and communities. Each of our plans is priced reasonably and also come with nominal fees to get you started. We are completely transparent about every cost and there are no hidden expenses.

Breakdown of our Satellite Internet Plans

The plans we provide for our satellite broadband customers are –

best satellite internet plans

Konnect Starter Plan – Konnect Starter is a starter plan suitable for small households and offers average download speeds of 20Mbps. This plan comes with 50GB priority data and unlimited usage and is suitable for a single user and small families. Konnect Starter comes with €50 activation and shipping fee and €149 installation fee paid with first invoice. 30 days cancellation policy allows for proper testing.

konnect lite satellite internet plan

Konnect Lite – Konnect Lite is a plan suitable for the needs of families and offers average speeds of 37Mbps, unlimited data usage, and 75GB priority data. It comes with first 3 months at a discounted rate of €37.90 (€47.90 afterwards) and with €79 installation fee. This plan is suitable for medium households. 30 days cancellation policy applies.

konnect satellite plus

Konnect Plus – Konnect Plus is our most premium plan yet an excellent cost-effective option for users in busy households. This is one of the best satellite Internet plans to choose for customers who need better performance. Konnect Plus comes with free installation and average speeds of 75Mbps. This plan offers 150GB priority data and unlimited data usage as well as 30 days cancellation policy.

Best Satellite Internet Plans in Rural Ireland

Residents of rural Ireland and those in remote areas do not have access to affordable wired Internet as ISPs find it too expensive to set up cables. This problem is easily solved by relying on wireless satellite connections. You can explore our website to find some of the best satellite Internet plans provided by anyone in Ireland. We set up a satellite dish, configure a router and establish your connection instantly, at some of the most economical rates.

Get in touch with us to know more about our cost-effective satellite internet plans.