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KonnectMe provides a vast array of satellite broadband services for viewers located across inaccessible regions.  We are a leading satellite internet provider with a significant customer base across rural and remote areas. Our ongoing objective is to give users uninterrupted access to the Internet regardless of where they are situated in Ireland. We are regarded by many rural Internet consumers as the best satellite broadband provider due to our commitment to delivering fast and quality services.

We provide cost-effective monthly packages specifically for the connectivity needs of small households, large families and communities. As a reliable connectivity partner, we have helped thousands of rural Irish homes get past the usual hassle involved in obtaining broadband Internet. Our satellite broadband services, complete with a Wi-Fi router and free installation can be accessed at some of the best available rates. We eliminate the requirement for wires and cables, which are inconvenient and difficult to maintain in remote and rural areas

Unlimited Satellite Broadband for Rural Areas

Rural areas of Ireland suffer from poor Internet connectivity due to issues of inaccessibility and the lack of landline connections. Many ISPs find it impractical to set up wiring across small remote communities, resulting in either poor or no connectivity for residents. We tackle this issue head-on by delivering economical satellite broadband services that ensure flawless connectivity. Providing uninterrupted broadband for rural areas is always our main priority regardless of the logistical challenges.

We acknowledge how important staying connected is for people across all age groups, whether they are students, or professionals working from home. Running a business can also be a challenge if your Internet connection keeps timing out. You can easily take advantage of our best satellite broadband plans and never have to worry about connectivity again. We have played a significant role in changing how rural Ireland connects to the Internet and continue to do so. Our reach extends to remote areas where even the most popular Internet Service Providers refuse to go.

Modern satellite broadband technology has made wired Internet redundant across the world as on-the-go connectivity has become more important than ever. It is the same technology that powers up our affordable and reliable rural satellite broadband services. We can set up a connection incredibly fast to get you started in no-time. Our seasoned technicians are specialists at configuring connections after the installation of a modem, connecting cable and satellite dish. The connections we setup are on par with ADSL broadband in terms of the speed they provide.

Reliable Satellite Broadband Ireland Service Provider

We are a highly-relied-upon satellite broadband Ireland company with a loyal and growing client base. Going beyond just setting up connections in rural and remote Irish locations, we are also ready to extend a helping hand. Our customers can always get in touch with us to address any issues they are facing with their connections. We value your time and money and are diligent in reaching fast resolutions to any and all issues. Ensuring customer satisfaction is our number one priority as we live by our reputation of being the top rural satellite broadband company in Ireland.

How rural internet is helping business, educational and healthcare sector?

Today, online media and digital platforms are much required to stay connected with the world. Without the Internet, you may fail to know what is happening around you. Like the city people, KonnectMe sets up cables and satellites to provide people with broadband for rural areas. The Internet has brought positive changes in the life of people staying in the rustic Irish villages.

Satellite broadband to Ireland has connected people globally. Whether it is business or education, we are here to transform the lives of rural people. From upgrading their finances to social lives, we aim to improve the lives of the rural people.

Several students live in rural areas, far away from their university campus. Nowadays, college degrees and other educational certificates are available online. Many universities have started online educational programs so that each and everyone can hold a degree without attending the classes. Our best satellite broadband has made this possible for pupils living in Ireland’s remote locations.

Rural clinics and hospitals may not have all the required equipment and facility. They can easily connect to the larger healthcare units located in the city for any emergency purpose. Moreover, people also get the opportunities to make appointments with the doctors and even hold a video session if they do not wish to drive for long hours.

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