rural area internet providers

In today’s age of digital transformation, the internet has become the lifeline of most of your lives. From communication and entertainment to banking and commercial operation, everything relies on good connection to internet these days. As we become more and more dependent on our smartphones and PCs, the internet is no longer nice to have, it’s something that dictates what we do, how we live and where we move. Therefore, access to high-speed internet has become one of the top-most priorities in today’s time. This is not a pressing concern for urban areas but for those living in rural or suburban areas, it could be crucial. To this day, a vast population in rural areas depends on rural area internet providers for their connectivity needs. And we are not talking about tens or hundreds of people. In 2020 Ireland’s rural population reached 1,815,432, 0.54% year to year increase. Countryside internet matters and is immensly important in respect of country’s growth and should be perceived as such.

Countryside internet

To people’s dismay, most rural areas in the country suffer from seemingly poor internet connectivity. The major reasons behind this issue are inaccessibility as well as lack of proper landline connections. Most internet service providers refrain from setting up necessary infrastructures like broadcast towers and cables for high-speed internet in remote communities, for they find it impractical. According to Central Statistics Office (CSO) in March 2020, 12% of Irish population had no access to fixed broadband internet connection. The said population consists mostly of rural areas with counties Leitrim, Monaghan and Mayo and evidently, has the worst percentage of intervention areas under National Broadband Plan (NBP). The truth is, for most big operators it’s too expensive to get there. The cost of connectivity, the cost of marketing, it just doesn’t add up.  

Rural Internet Providers

Residents of rural areas don’t have the same number of options available as customers living in Limerick, Galway, Dublin or even Wexford. They often have to search for what’s available in their area, what kind of countryside internet they can get. Fibre rollout in rural areas is seriously delayed and although full fibre is becoming more common it is not widespread in any sense.

Options countryside customers can avail of:

  • Satellite Internet – best coverage for remote areas but with certain restrictions
  • 3G/4G internet – probably the most common type of connection in rural areas but not without issues such as congestion
  • 5G internet – very likely the future of wireless broadband, currently covering nearly 80% of Irish population
  • Fibre internet – costly and therefore slow fibre rollout limits its benefits for rural communities

Best wireless rural internet connection providers

KonnectMe provides immaculate wireless and rural satellite broadband service to the most remote parts of Ireland. Our connection is completely wireless, which means that our internet service does not require users to have a functioning telephone connection to avail of high-speed internet. Instead, we provide a wi-fi router at your home, office, or anywhere you want. The standard installation completely free of cost. The installation is totally hassle-free and needs no additional effort on your part. 

With KonnectMe you have two main options:

High-speed rural area broadband suppliers

High speed connectivity is not limited to fixed line or cable connection. In fact, very often fixed connectivity in rural areas is worse than wireless internet. This is because broadband providers have to rely on old copper cables. This is true of ADSL connections as well as most of Irish fibre rollout that comes to end user as FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) meaning fibre optic cables are there but the last leg, from the cabinet to premises, is served by copper lines.

KonnectMe delivers Konnect satellite broadband connection, ensuring undisrupted, high-speed internet for all your needs. Satellite internet is not the only option we can offer. Compared to any other rural internet service providers, we offer a wide range of solutions for high-speed internet.

  • Our satellite broadband allows us to offer speeds up to 100Mbps in areas where fibre connection is not or won’t be available.
  • We also offer a 5G solution that can easily compete with any fibre connections offeirng currently speeds of up to 500Mbps with the potential of up to 2Gbps.
  • We always strive to offer fibre connectivity wherever possible. Depending on your eircode we can offer ADSL, FTTC and FTTH with speeds up to 2Gbps

Whatever the option, with such speeds you can easily stream videos, download multimedia content, join online meetings, and so much more.

Best Internet for rural areas

The often question is what is the best Internet for rural areas. Unfortunately, no simple answer can be given. The best internet for rural areas is that that works in a particular location giving best speeds and reliability. For some rural locations it may mean Fibre, for other countryside eircodes it’s 4G or 5G. And there are always rural areas where only satellite works. What good rural internet providers do, they don’t just stick to one technology but have a range of offers suitable irrespectively of the location. Most internet service providers offer just their service and the customer has no choice. By contacting rural internet provider like KonnectMe you can have a choice between wireless and wired technologies and therefore a better chance to have s good service.

How rural area internet providers are helping in rural development?

In our era, people cannot survive without the Internet. Everything is all about the digital process and technological advancements. The infinite height that the web has achieved is a marker of growth. Communication has become better, and businesses are reaching beyond borders. Besides developing the cities and connecting the towns, rural area Internet providers, like us, must also focus on rural areas, on countryside internet, and their development.

Technology helps people to recognise a place, geography, culture, people, food and other specialties. With this growing progression, almost all sectors of society get impacted, including transport, banking, education, tourism and more. The services become better by incorporating advanced technology and solution. In this way, the whole region flourishes.

KonnectMe is known as the best rural Internet provider, focusing on the overall growth of a rural community in Ireland. With faster network and communication, people get to know and learn new trends and make the most use of technology. Irrespectively of the tye of broadband connection, we strive to deliver the best what’s available in a particular area and eircode.

We at KonnectMe, acknowledge the importance of connectivity. This is the reason we aim to tackle this challenge head-on and provide the best internet service for rural areas. We are looking for alternative broadband options such as satellite internet, wireless broadband (including 5G and 4G/LTE solutions) as well as traditional solutions of fixed broadband and SIRO. We always strive to provide the best solution at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you are looking for the best rural internet providers, here is why you should choose KonnectMe over others.  

Best cost-effective rural internet service Provider

Usually, consumers in remote areas have to pay a much higher price for high-speed internet if they choose traditional wired rural internet service providers. However, KonnectMe offers wireless satellite internet service, which cuts your expenses dramatically. Moreover, we have a ton of budget-friendly plans for you to choose from. Here, at KonnectMe, we work with different providers and we offer what’s available in your area. You no longer have to search for the best internet near me, or similar localised options, we do it for you!

KonnectMe is dedicated to making internet services available in every corner of the country. As one of the best rural internet providers, our goal is to provide the best internet service in rural areas at the most competitive rate. Connect with KonnectMe to have the best possible rural internet service and enjoy all the benefits of satellite broadband.