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What is the fastest internet in Ireland

Race illustrating fastest internet in Ireland

There is a plethora of ads claiming superiority of this or that broadband deal or internet provider. Or broadband technology. When looking for new connection we see Virgin Media, Imagine, Sky or Eir, all offering amazing speeds and deals. Obviously, if we look closer there is that “up to” in much smaller print but for the most part we don’t really want to look closer. We want good speeds and affordable prices. We want our kids to be happy when they connect their game console and we want Netflix to work without buffering. In this post we will try to answer what is the fastest internet in Ireland and what different technologies out there offer. After all, if broadband speeds are of importance we don’t want to just go with the ad claiming something that cannot be really delivered, we want the real deal.

Broadband Landscape for Fastest Internet in Ireland

If someone asked a year or two ago what is the fastest internet in Ireland one would be right to say, without doubt, that one of the Fibre broadband providers have to win this race. Fibre internet is reliable, fast and relatively cheap for both home and business users. Fibre optic cables can deliver very good user experience.

Obviously, Fibre is not available everywhere. Where there is no Fibre older copper cables are usually preferred choice with ADSL connectivity of usually 8 to 24Mbps. Copper lines are the same ones your landline utilises.

Another option is 4G LTE connection that is especially popular in rural areas where Fibre rollout is delayed. Some areas can deliver really good speeds of over 40Mbps. The issue is that 4G was not designed to sustain a multiplicity of simultaneous broadband connections. Hence congestion that comes when you need it the most. This is probably whene everyone else needs it the most. It’s a good solution where there is no Fibre internet but it is still an poor alternative to superiority of Fibre.

5G internet is yet another, much newer, wireless standard delivering very good speeds. Although it’s perceived as new and untested it’s actually around for quite a few years now and nearly 80% of Irish population lives in areas covered by 5G standard.

Satellite broadband is something that is rarely considered for its speeds but a lot has changed in the past few years. Companies offering satellite connectivity have much to offer. Konnect satellite broadband is offering speeds of up to 100Mbps is definitely not the fastest internet in Ireland but still a good option for rural areas.

The problem of Fibre broadband in Ireland

The problem of Fibre connectivity in Ireland, and not only here, is that Fibre broadband doesn’t necessarily mean Fibre speeds. One may live let’s say in Ratoath Co Meath and have access to Fibre connectivity and still receive unreliable speeds of around 20Mbps. Obviously, other areas of Ireland have similar problems. Dublin still has areas where barely 2Mbps can be achieved.

The problem is that commercially deployed so-called Fibre is often nothing more than ADSL grade connection. This is because what customer buys is FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) connection where fibre optic cables reach the cabinet but from there often copper cables are laid. This causes that irrespectively of the quality of connection to the cabinet, subsequent connection will follow the medium, meaning copper cables. So, the speeds can be only as good as the weakest point of the journey.

FTTH speeds – Siro Broadband

The best of the best, fibre to the home, FTTH, is already available in Ireland. This type of broadband connection is constituted by fibre optics all the way to the premises so there is no weak point along the way. You are getting Fibre that you are buying. SIRO broadband utilising electricity network is this type of connection offering speeds of up to 2Gbps. It’s currently the fastest fixed broadband connection in Ireland.

5G – is it the Future?

Although fixed broadband connections are the gold standard nowadays there is a black horse taking the market, 5G connectivity. Currently 80% of Irish population lives in the areas covered by 5G.

5G broadband is fast, incredibly fast, currently up to 500Mbps but with the potential to reach over 2Gbps in the nearest future. 5G has also an advantage of being a wireless standard. There are already thousands of masts providing 5G connectivity and all the customer needs is a 5G router and activation.

So, what is the fastest internet in Ireland?

The answer is simple, it’s Siro or any other FTTH connectivity. For now. 5G internet comes close with potential to be the future of speed race especially that fibre optic infrastgructure cannot be upgraded as quickly as wireless networks. We believe, considering that in the next year or two 5G should be offering similar speeds to those of Siro, 5G can be the future of Ireland’s fastest broadband.

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