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Easy Methods to Reset your Rural Area Satellite Broadband Router

reset broadband router

There are many reasons why you would need to reset your broadband router or modem, you may want to sell it, set up a new network or broadband provider, or simply perform a soft reset for better performance, for re-issuing leases etc.

Whatever the reason, read our post to learn how to do it and what to expect.

Best ways to reset routers connected to your rural area internet providers: 

Hard Resets 

Hard reset is one of the most radical types of router rests and it is used when an administrator forgets the password or keys. This method helps the administrator to start over with the fresh settings.  

The router of the software can be reset to factory defaults. A hard reset can remove all customizations such as passwords, usernames, security keys, port forwarding settings, and custom DNS servers. Hard resets do not eliminate the already installed version of the router. To perform a hard reset, you should perform the following steps: 

When the router is powered on, you should turn it to the side having the Reset button. It can either be on the back or the bottom.  

You can hold down the Reset button with the help of a small and pointed paperclip. 

Release the button and wait 20-30 seconds as the router will need time to reset fully and power back on. 

Power Cycling 

You can shut off the power of the router and restart it once again. This is called power cycling. You can follow this method to recover the glitches that drop the connection such as corruption in the internal memory or overheating. Power cycles do not eliminate saved passwords, security keys, or other settings used in the router of the rural area internet providers

How can you power cycle your router? 

Turn off the power to the router; you can do it either by switching the power off or unplugging the power cord. 

If your router is battery-powered, all you need to do is to remove the router’s battery. 

Some network experts working for renowned rural broadband services suggest waiting for 30 seconds, but it is not mandatory to wait more than a few seconds between unplugging and reattaching the power cord of the router. Only for hard reset, the router needs time to restore the power and resume the operations.  

Soft Reset of Broadband Router

When you are facing troubleshooting internet connectivity concerns, you can try a soft reset. You need to reset the connection between your router and the modem. You can remove the physical connection between the modem and the router in a way that does not affect the software or disable the power.  

Also, you can unplug the cable that connects the modem to the rural area internet providers through a router.  

Some routers may need a different approach for soft reset: 

  • Find out the Disconnect/Connect button. It resets the connection between the modem and the service provider. 
  • Go to the router console and select Restore Factory Defaults. It replaces the customised settings of the router with the original ones it had at the factory. This process does not require a hard reset.  
  • Tap on the Reset Security button on the Wi-Fi console screen. It replaces the subset of your router’s wireless settings. 

If all these tricks fail, this is high time you need a new router. Also, you can ask your internet provider to resolve the issue you are facing. 

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