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How to Place Your Router to Get The Best Internet Speed

where to place router

Most people do not bother about the internet speed until the movie they are watching gets paused. Slow speed can prevent you from downloading a huge file or uploading it to the cloud. Also, your browser may get spun continuously without loading the page you are looking for. A reputed satellite internet provider can provide you with a steady satellite broadband connection but if you want to make sure the highest speed all the time, you may consider the position of your router as well. Not all people can have a vast knowledge of networking. It does not mean that they cannot do anything to amplify their internet speed. This blog has listed a few tips that can help increase the network speed by advising you where to place router for best network performance.

Tips on Where to Place Router 

The central location is the best 

If you want to increase the coverage area, the position of your router should be at the center of the home. It will provide you with stable signal strength everywhere in the home. If you are disturbed by the thought that the hanging wires may spoil the beauty of your home, you should enclose the wires. Always remember that hiding the router is not a solution, rather the wrong position may worsen your internet speed. You may also ask the best rural internet provider for suggestions.  

It must be placed within the range 

Your router must be kept in a place where it is easily visible to you. You could try to mount it on a wall, if possible. Instead of keeping it in a cupboard, most people install the router in a room where a wireline connection can reach easily, no matter how far the signal is. You should place the router close to the users for the fastest signal speed. The placement of a router on a plain surface can increase the signal. You would be surprised to know that the placement of the router can improve the signal by 2x in comparison to hiding the router in a closet.  

Concrete walls, metal obstacles, & floors must be avoided 

Even the best rural internet providers will not be able to help you if the router faces concrete walls, floors, and metal objects. When you need to set up the router, make sure it will not encounter any obstacles on its way to reaching the signal. You should have proper planning before installing the router.  

Higher bars are always better options 

Sometimes Internet connections may go down and sometimes it may rise to the peak. Usually, a satellite internet provider receives complaints regarding speed issues when the router is placed on the floor or a lower surface. A router needs to be placed on the higher bars to get seamless connectivity.  

These days, most people are working from home due to the dominance of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, internet speed has become a common concern across the world. Without considering anything, most people report the issue to the local internet provider. Instead, one should consider the router’s position initially. If it is misplaced, the problem will be resolved by installing it in the right place and you will find no difficulties.   

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