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How to Create or Locate Free Wi-Fi

As the modern world is entirely under the grip of digitization, nobody can ignore the vitality of a Wi-Fi connection. Can you imagine a day having no emails, Instagram, and Google access? A day with slow 3G internet is no less than a nightmare. Nowadays, many rural area internet providers are also offering Wi-Fi facilities with their broadband services.  

Do you know how to create or find the nearest free Wi-Fi connection? There are some tricks that you can try to locate the nearest and free Wi-Fi connection. Keep reading this blog to learn these tricks. 

Tricks you may try to create or find a free and nearby Wi-Fi connection 

Make a Hotspot with your Smartphone 

One of the best ways to connect your device to the web is to create a hotspot on your mobile phone. This way you get access to the internet instantly. If you consider it from a technical point of view, then you would find that the Wi-Fi hotspot of a phone is not free. You will have to pay for the used data every month. Still, it is free in the sense that you do not need to pay money now you need to go online. If you have an unlimited rural internet connection, you can set up a hotspot to connect your mobile to this connection.  

Try a Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder App on Your Phone 

Nowadays, many people are relying on some applications to find out the nearest free Wi-Fi. These apps are available for both Android and iOS mobile phones. If you use these apps, you will be able to find out all the nearest free Wi-Fi connections. Some of the popular Wi-Fi tracking apps are Wefi, Wi-Fi Master Key, etc. Before using an app, you may consider their reviews. Also, you should ensure that the app is not vulnerable to the information or data your mobile has stored.  

Embrace a Web App 

If you are using a desktop computer and need to find places having free Wi-Fi near you, using a web app would be a good idea. It is a better option than the native Wi-Fi tools run by the operating systems. Some web apps have color-coded maps that can help you easily and quickly identify free Wi-Fi, private networks with known passwords, and private networks with unknown passwords (provided by rural area internet providers or mobile data providers).  

Check out a Restaurant with Free Wi-Fi 

Restaurant businesses have chosen a unique way to catch the attention of their customers. They know how important Wi-Fi connection is to most modern people, youths, in particular. Therefore, some businesses have started offering free Wi-Fi connections. It attracts many customers to these restaurants with Wi-Fi facilities. You too can find out such restaurants where you can browse free Wi-Fi while eating your breakfast or meal. 

Point out Other Public Places that Offer Free Wi-Fi 

You can browse anything at your home when you have an active unlimited rural internet connection, but you cannot be at home all the time. When you will need internet urgently outside your home, what will you do? To address this issue, you can mark the nearby public places that provide free Wi-Fi. Now, you can find free Wi-Fi access at many railway stations, bus stops, and shopping malls. 

Which tricks have you liked the most? Feel free to try your favorite one! 

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