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Debunking 5G internet

Debunking 5G internet

Although 5G rolls out for quite a while now 5G still has a very bad reputation slowing down the adoption of the new standard. Strangely enough, most of Ireland’s population already lives in the areas covered by 5G network. So, if you want to learn more, read our article on debunking 5G internet myths!

Why then is 5G so often perceived as the evil brother of 4G? Why so many people still believe in dangers of 5G not wanting to have anything with it… while really living under the umbrella of 5G for months or even years now? This article is about debunking 5G internet so please read carefully. There are many misconceptions regarding 5G network. Some people say 5G controls your mind. Others that it kills birds. On the other hand we have those proponents of new standard saying that 5G networks are essential to remain competitive and innovative. Who is right and who is wrong? Let’s go to debunking 5G internet!

Myth no. 1: 5G networks are responsible for Covid-19

This is a good one. Imagine a bat in Chinese Wuhan market eating 5G phone to pass that Covid-19 to us! Jokes aside, one of the most baffling conspiracy theories out there is that 5G cellular networks are responsible for Covid-19 pandemic. Meaning SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is just a victim of media and government actions. There were some spin-offs of this theory claiming that surgical masks contain an antenna (a metal strip found in surgical masks is actually a way of making the mask fit across the bridge of the nose). This particular conspiracy theory was responsible for several 5G masts burnt in Ireland in 2020.

Unsurprisingly, there is no evidence pointing towards Covid-19 being caused by 5G networks. We know what’s causing Covid-19 and there is enough evidence to support it. And for those who still believe in this theory, think about the fact there are areas of the world where 5G is not deployed yet… and they still got infected!

Myth no. 2: 5G networks kill birds

This one is the easiest to debunk. Go outside and have a look. Considering most of Irish population is already living in areas covered by 5G networks, especially if we look at big cities like Dublin, Cork or Galway, there is a huge chance this will work for you. So go outside and have a look. Do you see mass extinction of birds? And c’mon, why birds? Why not rats or snails? Birds, really? 5G networks were in use long before they became topic of our commercial conversations, they were used by military in many countries. Don’t you think they would have figured out that their special operations sort of suck if they can be uncovered by birdwatchers? C’mon!

Myth no. 3: 5G is a health risk

Covid-19 aside, there is a long-standing concern regarding health risks of using 5G networks. Don’t get me wrong, there were concerns regarding 4G or 3G too… but it was before social networks when people would actually need to read a proper article or a scholarly paper to find out what’s happening. So what’s that about? 5G concern is about electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful for humans. They are on the high frequency end of the spectrum, sort of like X-rays and gamma rays (the ones responsible for Hulk transformation!) which can damage DNA and cause cancer. The reality though is that 5G emits much lower levels of radiation as it is not so far on the spectrum what puts it in non-ionising portion of the spectrum, along with 4G. microwaves and radio waves. And we are exposed to radio waves for over a century. I’m not saying they are perfectly safe, the studies are inconclusive, but the low amount of such radiation doesn’t seem to have a detrimental effect on our health. WHO clearly stated there is no adverse effect of using mobile phones and they are connected to 4G networks for a while now.

Myth no. 4: 5G is like 4G just faster

5G speeds are faster, much faster, but that’s not all. The latency of 5G networks working under something called Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC) allows for nearly real-time communication reducing the delay between requesting and receiving information. This is something for you, gamers! With emphasis on “ultra reliable!” Another difference between 4G and 5G is that the latter has much bigger network capacity. While it won’t affect a general user it is incredibly important in the era of self-driving cars (no one really wants to find himself in the car that suddenly lost connectivity due to large number of users connected to the network!) and Internet of Things (IoT) developments. So, in short, yest it’s faster but that’s not all.   

Hopefully, these 4 points we made above make sense. We are not trying to change your beliefs here but the fact is that with the raise of social media it’s more and more difficult to discern between truth and fake. Everyone is an expert now. A Facebook Vigilante working in retail 9 to 5 and spreading “truths” in the evening. Sometimes it is not the best way to learn, Facebook I mean. Or You Tube. Or TikTok for that matter. Enjoy your day and we hope you enjoyed our article on Debunking 5G internet!  

Debunking 5G internet

We hope you enjoyed our post and that we clarified the most pressing issues. IF you want to learn more about 5G, ar for that matter any other broadband and technology, give us a call! We offer konnect satellite broadband, fibre and more.

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