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Category: Connectivity

What is the fastest internet in Ireland

There is a plethora of ads claiming superiority of this or that broadband deal or internet provider. Or broadband technology. When looking for new connection we see Virgin Media, Imagine, Sky...

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Best Satellite Internet Plans for Rural Areas

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way modern people live and work. Among many changes, the dependency on the Internet provider is the most remarkable one. Before the pandemic, modern life...

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Understanding The Challenges of Rural Internet

According to CSO 8% of households in Ireland doesn't have Internet connection. Out of the 92% that have, fixed connection is the most common (85%) in comparison to mobile broaband (42%). Nati...

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Covid-19 Highlights The Need for Improvement of Rural Internet Connectivity

The COVID outbreak was terribly disruptive for people across the world and highlighted the “digital divide” that has plagued the rural communities for years. The pandemic boosted the unem...

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