5G Broadband Ireland Applications

What is 5G Broadband?

5G is a 5th generation of mobile broadband with high speeds surpassing those of standard fibre broadband connections. The development of 5G technology was meant as a successor of 4G LTE and guided by improvement of speeds, low latency and improved application of technology for wireless uses and IoT. 5G Broadband in Ireland offers superior speeds and very low latency making the technology perfect for domestic (including gaming and working from home) and business use.

Wireless mobile broadband is easier to set up that a standard broadband connection via cable. All you need is 5G broadband modem and connection to 5G network. You can read more about evolution of mobile networks here.

How Fast is 5G Broadband?

5G technology was developed around speed improvement and the standard is meant to eventually reach download speeds of 10 gigabits per second (Gbit/s). Current download speeds offered in Ireland reach up to 500 Mbit/s. What’s amazing about 5G technology is that speeds were developed around increased bandwidth what means that more devices can simultaneously connect to the network without detriment to network’s performance. The new technology is expected to compete with standard broadband providers (ISPs) offering their services via cable and to make advancements into IoT and machine-to-machine sectors. Will 5G replace broadband remains to be seen but considering advantages new technology has over costly fibre optics infrastructure it is a possibility that needs to be consider.

5G Broadband in Ireland

There is a common misconception that 5g broadband in Ireland is a very new and only recently introduced technology that will take years to be commercially applicable. That’s is not correct. Most of Irish population (nearly 80%) already lives in 5G-enabled areas! Cities like Dublin, Cork, Galway, Wexford, offer 5G broadband plans. More and more rural areas have their 5G broadband networks available. Currently 5G internet is the best mobile broadband in Ireland with great speeds and extremely low latency making it perfect for domestic and business users.

5G in Ireland allows for seamless high speed internet access perfect for those who work from home, stream movies, engage in online gaming and more. It is easy to deploy, all you need is a 5G router and activation to enjoy 5G speeds and 5G in Ireland.

5G Broadband Ireland – Price Guarantee

Last couple of years were hard and it seems even worse is coming. Electricity and gas bills are going up like crazy and it’s only a matter of time before mobile operators and broadband providers start exercising points in contracts allowing them to increase pricing.

5G internet comes with price guarantee for the term of the contract. You can now lock your monthly cost for 12, 18 or 24 months and enjoy peace of mind in the unstable and unpredictable world of infation.

5G Home Broadband Deals – Unlimited Price Plans

All 5G broadband plans come with Unlimited Data Usage and Price Guarantee for the contracted contract period. We offer 3 simple plans to tap to 5G networks and enjoy unlimited data usage. Broadband speeds offered by 5G technology rival those of SIRO and other full fibre optics. Currently we offer speeds up to 500Mbps but the technology itself allows for speeds reaching 2Mbps in the nearest future.

5G Business Broadband Unlimited

5G Wireless Broadband is perfect solution when it comes to business, especially rural business. It can be easily deployed with just a 5G broadband modem and access to 5G network. The speeds are comparable and often better than those offered by fibre broadband providers. The latency of 5G networks is very low and the mobile standard allows for connection of multiple devices. Wireless technologies, such as 5G, are not only the future but also a very good alternative to traditional wired lines. Your business can take advantage of technology and get connected via mobile networks to the world of suppliers and customers.

Evolution of 5G Broadband

What is 5G?

5G is a 5th generation wireless mobile network currently conquering the world thanks to high speeds, low latency and flexibility. Mobile connectivity is not new and first commercial deployments go back to 1980s.

Mobile Techology Timeline

  • First Generation: in 1980s 1G standard allowed for analog voice transmission
  • Second Generation: Early 1990s, 2G introduced digital voice transmission
  • Third Generation: Early 2000s introduced mobile data transfer
  • Fourth Generation: 2010s, mobile broadband revolution of 4G LTE
  • Fifth Generation: Current standard designed to provide enhanced connectivity, negligible latency and flexibility to be used not only in mobile home broadband but also in IoT (Internet of Things), remote healthcare, precision agriculture, safer transportation and more

Is 5G Home Broadband Reliable?

5G mobile broadband is the 5th generation wireless broadband designed to sustain multiple connections and high data transfers. 5G internet connectivity can currently compete with full fibre connectivity (FTTH) in regards to speeds and latency. It’s the best mobile internet connection offer available, good for working from home, streaming and gaming.

5G home broadband plans come with unlimited data what makes it perfect for today’s needs. As such, mobile broadband can finally compete with fibre broadband not only when it comes to broadband speeds but also usage.

Is 5G in Ireland worth it?

The simple answer is yes. 5G Ireland network is reliable, fast and with low latency. What’s more, 5G broadband plans we offer come with price guarantee for the term of the contract what makes it the best choice in the unpredictible times of high inflation and economic crisis. 5G network is growing fast and currently covers nearly 80% of Irish population with Dublin, Cork, Wexford and Galway already offering up to 300Mbps speeds. 5G phones are becoming a standard and network operators are looking to extend their 5G coverage as quickly as possible.

5G is the newest of wireless technologies offering real time network response and ultra fast broadband speeds. Although most of Irish mobile users still utilise older 4G technology 5G is much faster than 4G and was designed for download speeds and real time experience of augmented reality. 5G service is not about mobile phone. It’s mobile technology is flexible enough and with badwidth capacity to support most recent requirements of home and business users.

5G Ireland coverage

5G in Ireland is available to nearly 80% of households with new towers added every month. If you live in Dublin, Wexford, Galway, Cork or even Navan or Ashbourne, not to mention Kilkenny, Cashel and other places, you should be able to connect to 5G network even today. All you need is 5G enabled mobile phone or any other device allowing to connect to 5G service. Obviously, to utilise high speed connectivity for home broadband you would need 5G router instead of your phone!

Is 5G as fast as broadband?

5G is the next iteration of wireless connectivity. It’s faster than 4G and faster than many fixed broadband connections. In Ireland many of so-called broadband connections are FTTC-grade meaning fibre optics to the cabinet and then whatever there is, often copper lines. This means your broadband can be as slow as copper lines are. 5G is usually much faster than FTTC broadband. It can be as fast as full fibre in many cases.