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High-Speed Broadband Price Plans

Fibre Broadband Deals for Home & Business.

Contract Length 12 months 12 months 12 months
Promotional Price


for 12 months


for 12 months


for 12 months

Price after promotion €40 €50 €70
Additional Info

Subject to online billing and direct debit.

Does not apply to FTTH Broadband

Subject to online billing and direct debit

Subject to online billing and direct debit

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Instant Speed Premium Speed
Contract Length 12 months 12 months
Promotional Price


for 12 months


for 12 months

Price after promotion €55 €70
Additional info
  • Line rental
  • Unlimited broadband
  • Unlimited local and national calls
  • Line rental
  • Unlimited broadband
  • Unlimited local and national calls

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Konnect/Eutelsat Satellite Broadband Price Plans

All data packages are with UNLIMITED data usage so you will never get disconnected. Priority data is how much data you can use per month before you may be de-prioritised. What it means? When the network is busy you may no longer be prioritiesd for high speed data and your speeds may slow down.

Tariff Monthly
Priority Data Installation Activation Data Usage
Konnect Starter €37.90 average 20MBPS 50GB €149 €35 Unlimited
Konnect Lite €37.90* average 37MBPS 75GB €79 €35 Unlimited
Konnect Plus €47.90** average 75MBPS 150GB FREE €35 Unlimited

*For 3 months then €47.90

**For 3 months then €67.90

Optional Public IP €5/Month

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5G Broadband Price Plans

All data packages come with UNLIMITED DATA and PRICE GUARANTEE

Tariff Connection
Rental RRP
Router Cost
24 Months Contract 5G 24 €49.99 €199
18 Months Contract 5G 18 €54.99 €199
12 Months Contract 5G 12 €59.99 €199

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Our Services

Rural Satellite Broadband

Rural areas of Ireland suffer from poor Internet connectivity due to issues of inaccessibility and the lack of landline connections. Many ISPs find it impractical to set up wiring across small remote communities, resulting in either poor or no connectivity for residents. We tackle this issue head-on by delivering wide range of broadband solutions including Fibre Broadband and Siro, Wireless 5G Internet and High Speed Satellite Connectivity. Providing uninterrupted fast broadband for rural areas is always our main priority regardless of the logistical challenges.

We acknowledge how important staying connected is for people across all age groups, whether they are students, or professionals working from home. Running a business can also be a challenge if your Internet connection keeps timing out. You can easily take advantage of our unlimited rural satellite broadband plans and never have to worry about connectivity again. We have played a significant role in changing how rural Ireland connects to the Internet and continue to do so. Our reach extends to remote areas where even the most popular Internet Service Providers refuse to go.

Modern satellite broadband technology has made wired Internet redundant across the world as on-the-go connectivity has become more important than ever. It is the same technology that powers up our affordable and reliable satellite broadband services. We can set up a connection incredibly fast to get you started in no-time. Our seasoned technicians are specialists at configuring connections after the installation of a modem, connecting cable, and satellite dish. The connections we setup are on par with ADSL broadband in terms of the speed they provide.

The Differences of Satellite Broadband
and Traditional Broadband

Satellite Broadband is normally preferable for those who otherwise do not get access to unlimited rural internet.

Rural broadband services provided by us are available no matter where you are at any given time. You are always connected whether at home or on vacation. We offer wide range of home broadband and business solutions.

Residents of urban areas can access the Internet through conventional methods like an ADSL or fibre connection. However, most users in rural and remote areas do not have access to traditional Internet connectivity. Speeds vary greatly across different parts of Ireland and large population areas generally get better high-speed broadband. Satellite broadband is not a type of conventional broadband and the initial installation costs are comparatively higher. Most Internet service providers generally offer services to areas with dense populations as they get access to a large customer base.

KonnectMe engineers reduce all the inaccessibility issues of conventional wired Internet connectivity. They install a dish, a modem, and a cable. The satellite dish is the important difference between traditional and satellite broadband. As one of the most widely relied upon satellite broadband providers, we can connect customers to satellites in space. We connect you to satellite data centers and your information is then reelected to the data hub of the server.

We provide cost-effective monthly packages specifically for the connectivity needs of small households, large families, and communities. As a reliable connectivity partner, we have helped thousands of rural Irish homes get past the usual hassle involved in obtaining broadband Internet. Our satellite broadband services, complete with a Wi-Fi router and free installation can be accessed at some of the best available rates. We eliminate the requirement for wires and cables, which are inconvenient and difficult to maintain in remote and rural areas.

Advantages of Our Unlimited Rural Internet are as Follows:

  • New Eutelsat satellite free from any congestion issue
  • Unlimited satellite broadband speeds similar to that of ADSL
  • New technology upgrades being introduced for improving connectivity.
  • No need to depend on cables and wires which can cause issues in remote and rural areas.
  • Satellite dish helps you gain instant access to the Internet from any location.
  • Broadband connectivity is facilitated without having to rely on a phone.
  • Our satellite broadband plans are quite cost-effective.
  • KonnectMe ensures fast and hassle-free installation.
  • Users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity due to our 100% nationwide coverage.
  • Gain access to fast Internet right from your home.
  • Free installation ensures you can get started easily.
  • As Ireland’s best rural Internet providers, we charge a uniform activation fee for all our plans.

+353 21 203 7070

Unlimited Connectivity

KonnectMe believes in facilitating uninterrupted connectivity even beyond the data allowance thresholds of customers. We acknowledge how vital it is to stay always connected as people rely on the Internet for working, studying, and running their business. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the network is free from congestion so you can get more done without any issue. As the leading satellite broadband provider in Ireland, we ensure that you stay connected even in peak times when the service can be slightly slow.

If you are looking for Fibre Broadband Deal, Wireless connection or Satellite, contact us! Fast broadband for rural and urban areas is what we do!

Rural Broadband Solutions
100% Nationwide coverage

KonnectMe provides 100% nationwide coverage for its satellite Internet services, including in some of the remotest areas of Ireland.

Hassle-free Installation

Our team of technicians is always equipped and ready to perform fast satellite broadband installations.

14 day cooling off

We provide a convenient 14-day money-back guarantee for users who may have some concerns about availing our services.

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Get high-speed satellite broadband Internet in any rural or remote area of Ireland and stay online at all times. Get in touch with us today. Dial +353 76 680 1877!

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Why Trust KonnectMe


Rural satellite broadband can overall grow a rural community. With faster network and communication, people get to know and learn new trends and make the most use of technology for better growth and development. It is pretty clear that Internet can bring a lot of development in the villages and remote locations of Ireland.

KonnectMe provides a vast array of satellite broadband Ireland services for viewers located across inaccessible regions. We are a leading satellite broadband provider with a significant customer base across rural and remote areas. Our ongoing objective is to give users’ uninterrupted access to the Internet regardless of where they are situated in Ireland. We are regarded by many consumers across Ireland as the best rural Internet providers due to our commitment to delivering fast and quality services.

With us, you get access to broadband and fiber options. Hassle-free communication is one of the most significant aids that Internet has given to all people. With better and easy interaction, remote areas are getting connected to the world. With so many diverse plans present on our site, choose one that suits your lifestyle and profession. Plus, we offer a 14-days cooling-off period for those who still have doubts about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Internet truly unlimited?

KonnectMe gives you access to several unlimited satellite broadband packages from Konnect, which come without any data threshold. Your Internet speed can get reduced slightly when there are many users on the server simultaneously. Each KonnectMe customer gets a certain amount of prioritised data every month. This depends on which package you have chosen. No adjustments are made to data when you are within the priority data limits, even in cases where traffic is high.

How fast can high-speed satellite broadband be installed at my home?

Your KonnectMe package gets activated once the installation of the necessary equipment has been completed. This will be done by our technicians who visit your location to perform the installation. You will be contacted by our customer service team regarding the installation date after your order has been processed. We ensure installation with a 5 to 14 days period.

Which is the best satellite Internet plan for me?

You can choose from one of our reasonably-priced Internet plans and start enjoying flawless connectivity. Each of them has different speeds and is suited for different levels of usage. Customers who plan to rely on the connection for a lot of users or intend to stream content without latency can choose the higher-tier plan. It will ensure the best level of performance and speed along with uninterrupted connectivity.

What components will I require to use a satellite broadband connection?

The first requirement for using satellite Internet at home is a device such as a tablet, computer, or game console. You will also need a modem or router, and a satellite dish that establishes the link to satellites in space. We provide the modem and dish as part of your satellite broadband plan.

What is the difference between satellite and conventional internet?

A wired Internet connection is similar to a satellite connection with respect to the speed a user gets. The key difference between the two is that you will not have to rely on wires for using a satellite connection. It can be used in places where there is no mobile connectivity or cable lines and is the ideal choice for rural and remote consumers. It is important to keep in mind that satellite connections do have a slight latency but that is negligible and won't affect your productivity.

Get in touch with us to know more about our satellite broadband services in Ireland.